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Unofficial Vs Official


Why should I purchase your replica over the official version which is more expensive?


Price is the main reason. Our replicas are every bit as good and as accurate as the official versions, if not more so.

Let's look at the figures:

The official version costs £219 + VAT bringing the price to £251.85

Shipping then costs £43.92 (or as much as £63.25 to Australia).

This brings the total price to £295.77.

This is without customs and import duties and courier administration/clearance fees. I highly doubt that they will ship the item as a gift with a lower monetary value.

Our version costs as little as £175 on pre-order and £200 on release.

We charge a flat rate of £15 shipping anywhere in the world meaning you can have your item for as little as £190 shipped.

We will also ship the item as a gift with a minimal monetary value meaning you will pay no taxes or duties.

The upshot? You save†a minimum of†£105/$180! This is provided that you don't get charged import duties and the chances of that happening are slim to none. And slim just left town.

This is hardly a 'nominal' saving.

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