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Why use stainless steel?


Why use stainless steel when the original Season 3-4  props used brass and aluminium?


The Season 1-2 prop was made from resin so the above question is moot. This has been documented and confirmed by several people who have worked with the props. I doubt anyone wants a 100% accurate resin replica.

The Season 3-4 prop was made from brass and aluminium but we felt our replica should be 440 stainless steel because it has more weight, has a nicer sounding 'solid' action and generally has a better quality overall 'feel' because of this.  There is also the engineering issue of joining two different metals with widely varying hardnesses to each other where the harder metal  will eventually strip or gall the thread on the softer metal. By making the entire product from one type of metal, we eliminate such long term issues.

Cosmetically stainless steel is virtually identical to aluminium but does not darken due to tarnishing, has better scratch resistance, is harder wearing but is more expensive though the increase in quality makes it worth it.

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