About Us

We are a small but well equipped fabrication workshop located in Hangzhou, China capable of the manufacture of virtually any prop replica, large or small.

We are a subsidiary of a large engineering component manufacturer specialising in automotive, aerospace and civil engineering fields. We were set up to specifically explore licensed merchandise opportunities with the BBC.  We offer our 100% unofficial prop replicas direct to the collector's market, where our peerless quality, attention to detail, keen pricing and first-to-market mentality will be appreciated by the discerning collector of arguably the best prop replicas on the market today.


Are you affiliated with the BBC or any of their shows such as 'Doctor Who'?

No, we are not affiliated with the BBC in any way, shape or form nor are our products part of their 'Doctor Who' merchandise portfolio. We looked at this early on with a view to becoming fully paid up licence holders but due to BBC politics and favouritism to existing licencees, our overtures were vigorously rejected in spite of our undeniable pedigree and prototype quality.

What are your products? Are they legal?

Our products are all original work, original sculps, processes and designs that have been inspired by and reverse engineered from public domain material. Since we do not have access to the original props, we cannot claim 100% accuracy and as such we can only use artistic judgement in creating our replicas. We do not infringe any copyrights or trademarks or registered designs. Neither do we use the words 'Doctor Who' in our marketing. Our products are totally original and do not copy or counterfeit any publically or commercially sold product or registered designs. If we had moulded a commercially available watch or ring, we would be breach of copyright and can rightfully be accused of bootlegging or counterfeiting. As it stands, we have consulted with lawyers and we are deemed totally legal since our work does not resemble anything currently available.

What assurances do I have buying from you?

Our workshop is family owned and have been in business for over 40 years.  CT takes immense pride in his work and offers a cast iron satisfaction guarantee that is comparable to anything our competitors offer. Unfortuantely, human nature being what it is, there will be those that will jump to ill reasoned and unsubstantiated accusations. Sadly we cannot do much about that except conduct our business in the best way possible.  In the short time the Celestial Toystore has been operating we have built a loyal following of satisfied customers who have enjoyed prompt email replies, lightning fast shipping and peerless customer support and care. For CT, his word is YOUR guarantee of peace of mind. Shortly we will be offering live Skype support and contact so you can chat to CT yourself. We go that extra step and once you buy from us, you'll realise we are the best in the business.

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