12th Doctor's Ring


The latest incarnation of our favourite Timelord is all about business. Serious and gritty with a mature no nonsense sensibility. In keeping with this darker more grown up image, he completes his minimalist ensemble with a double gold ring set with a green amber from Raxacoricofallapatorius.

Obviously Raxacoricofallapatorian green amber is a bit of a scarce commodity so instead our faithful replica, referenced from measurements from the screen worn ring, uses green amber sourced from the same supplier as the screen worn ring. Custom handmade to your size in one of the finest jewellery workshops in the world in Hatton Garden, London, our replica is made from 9 carat gold, hand set with a high grade green amber and polished to a perfect high shine luster resulting in an heirloom piece that is fit for a Timelord. Just like the original screen worn ring, the ring consists of two parts: a wedding band and a band set with a stone that sits next to the wedding band and is designed to be worn together.

Please allow a lead time of two weeks maximum from ordering to dispatch as each ring is made to order. 

Free worldwide shipping is included in the price for a limited time

Please provide your ring size in the comments section when ordering.

We can also supply the ring in 18k gold (+£480) or other metals upon request. Please contact us for a quote.

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