11th/12th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver


The wait is finally over, for the first time ever you can lay your hands on a truly faithful replica of the iconic sonic screwdriver first used by the 11th Doctor and now inherited by the 12th. Meticulously back engineered from the original four screen used props with every detail replicated to a level that not even the original propmaker can achieve, this replica sets a new benchmark in accuracy and design.

Made from over 100 precision engineered components, each piece is a masterclass in hand assembled artisanal perfection. The purest copper, aerospace aluminium, resin and lambskin leather collide to produce this incredible replica of arguably the most complex sonic screwdriver seen to date. 

CNC milling, water jet cutting, and hand lathing are some of the processes used to accurately replicate this incredibly difficult and complex piece. Resin components are, wherever possible, cast directly off screen used pieces to ensure maximum accuracy. The original screen used props all differed dimensionally and the level of finish ranged from 'piss-poor' to 'bloody awful'. We have cleaned up much of this wonkiness and certain screws have been eliminated and simulated visually and asymmetries corrected leaving a small amount to give character without detracting from form or function. The sonic ships unpolished and the copper will continued to darken and patina over time. The shine can easily be restored using metal polish. The sonic is powered by a single 12v 23A size battery that sits inside a screw out battery compartment and will also come with a screw in red emitter lens that can be changed in seconds to give your sonic the fable 'red mode'.

The legendary, and some say notorious, fragility of the prop has been addressed and CT's replica has benefited from some pretty clever internal re-engineering to increase serviceability, durability and most importantly, preserve the all important flickability of the original screen used props without the permanent attendance of a balding middle aged prop wrangler in a BBC anorak. The internal design has been completely overhauled and re-engineered from first principles with screwthreaded construction throughout to allow easy assembly, consistency and serviceability. The sonic is also extremely durable and is impossible to break through normal usage.

That said, there will not be a warranty against flick related damage as experience has shown that these warranties are like challenges that people have to beat. However, if you are sensible and do not abuse the sonic, it will not fail you. Just do not come running if you do happen to treat it like the Doctor treats his. Unlike The Doctor's, my sonics do not grow in TARDIS's but are made in horrendously oppressive Chinese sweatshops by highly skilled Capuchin monkeys.

Sound has been incorporated into the replica and will be using the original BBC SFX sound file through a brand new, totally redesigned sound chip.

Initially only 100 of these rather special sonic screwdrivers will be available for pre-order. Each one will be individually numbered and will ship in its own special padded case. A total maximum production run of 1111 is planned.

The sonic will ship in a specially made foam lined flight case and will have a special laser engraved display plaque with hand numbered serial certifying the screwdriver as a genuine product of the Celestial Toystore.

To view videos of the prototype in action, please log on to my You Tube channel

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*Please note that we reserve the right to cancel any order for any reason. RPF members are not eligible to purchase and if this is found to be the case, the order will be cancelled and a full refund will be given.

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