Sonic Screwdriver (Season 3-4) Standard Powdercoat Crackle Paint


***This product has now been discontinued***

Three years in the making, this is the version of the infamous Sonic Screwdriver as used by the 10th incarnation (and briefly by the 11th) of our favourite Time Traveller to get himself out of all manner of scrapes. This is one of the mostly hotly anticipated prop replicas ever and for good reason.

Due to overwhelming demand for our original Season 1-2 sonic, we are offering this screen accurate replica of the prop used by David Tennant during Seasons 3 and 4. This version features modified body ridges and redesigned slider switch.

It is a 1:1 scale replica that finally does justice to the original prop. Measuring an accurate 15cm in length, each one is CNC machined from stainless steel, perspex, brass and Duralloy with a body that is painted with a custom forumlated powdercoat to durably mimic the paint used on the original props.

But that's not all! Our version features custom electronics which means that not only does it extend, it also works and emits its own sonic buzz and has a working extra bright blue LED torch! 

Our Sonic Screwdriver comes with its own die cut foam lined storage and display case and will be engraved with its own serial number. This is a heavyweight, hefty piece that oozes quality and accurate in look and feel to the original prop. This will be THE definitive and best value sonic screwdriver replica to own in 2011.

Please see our FAQ here:

*Whilst every effort has been taken to make sure that our paint finish is as durable as possible, we cannot warranty against damage caused by wear and tear or deliberate abuse and as such the paint finish is not covered by any warranty express or implied .

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