10th Doctor 50th Anniversary Episode Tie by Duffer of St George


When spyshots of David Tennant and Matt Smith filming the 50 anniversary episode surfaced, keen eyed fans spotted the Tenth Doctor with a new tie. This tie was quickly identified as one made by Duffer of St George and promptly sold out online and in stores. However, due to our rather special UK contacts, we have managed to secure a small, limited quantity especially for our customers.

This tie is fully within the same colour pallet and look devised by Louise Page for the tenth Doctor and is a dark brown polyester satin with a jacquard floral design in sky blue and dark copper with a sky blue satin tipping on the reverse. This is the correct 7cm wide 'slim' version of the tie that is screen worn rather than the wider 8cm version that has been widely (and wrongly) touted as being the correct one. Scalar analysis of a tie with the near exact patterning as the one Tennant has been seen wearing proves without doubt it is the 7cm version.

This is a rather rare and special opportunity to own a 100% screen accurate tie exactly as worn by David Tennant. Get your's now before they are gone.

Limit of one purchase per customer.

Worldwide shipping is included in the price (65+10 p&p) directly through our UK partner and will be via Royal Mail Airsure which is a tracked, priority service with full insurance.

***Free Recorded Delivery in the UK (-10) Please email prior to ordering for discount code.***

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