Sherlock Season 3/Season 4 Scarf


The latest scarf as seen in Season 3 (and will be seen in Season 4) of Sherlock caused a stir when it debuted in early 2014 as it was so different from the previous scarves, eschewing the moth eaten chic of the Season 1 scarf and the stripey, preppy look of the Season 2 scarf for a more grown up, understated and luxurious aesthetic.

Recreated with unprecedented access to the original screen used, limited edition couture collection Balmain scarf, this replica has literally been copied fibre for fibre. Detailed measurements, microscopic fibre and weave analysis and colorimeter Pantone matching has been used to recreate this scarf in stunning and exacting detail.

It is exactly the same colour, size, weight and weave as the original and is handwoven using a secret process to create a crinkled, pleated look in the central panel, using the finest Mongolian cashmere, Yak wool and silk fibres. 

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