Limited Edition 10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver (11th Hour Model)


When the 10th Doctor regenerated into the 11th, he also bequeathed his trusty sonic screwdriver. Last seen in the Season 5 opener, the sonic screwdriver used by the 10th Doctor underwent some subtle changes before being destroyed whilst fighting the Atraxi.

Identical to the Ultimate Edition Season 3-5 sonic screwdriver, this sonic screwdriver replica is strict limited edition of 40 that dresses the prop to appear exactly as it does in its final on screen outing. There is an addition of a single (non-functional) screw on the front of the body and the paint is given a blue wash to replicate the unique colour seen on screen.

CNC milled out of aerospace aluminium, brass and nylon, this is a fully strippable, no holds barred recreation of an iconic prop, hand painted in an 18 hour process in 6 layers using the exact screen used paint, meticulously weathered to a natural antique patina then sealed with baked automotive lacquer for durability to feel and sound just like you've taken it straight from The Doctor himself. This is without doubt the most accurate replica of this particular sonic screwdriver ever made. Recreated from and referenced directly from a hero filming prop we had access to, with every dimension and detail reproduced in exacting and painstaking detail.

For 2012 we have redesigned the internals from the ground up and have created a brand new custom soundchip, smaller and more power efficient than the previous models with 300% more volume, a whole new sound sample and improved serviceability. It also features a unique 'Doppler' feature where the sound moves and increases in volume as you extend the head.

This is a strictly limited edition piece that is numbered and shipped in a special high density foam padded case just like the original prop and will be sure to sell out extremely quickly. Only one run of this sonic will ever be made and once these are gone, the only way to get hold of one will be by going back in time in a TARDIS.

Special note regarding the finish:  These are hand made, hand painted, hand assembled and hand finished props, just like the originals. Whilst dimensionally they are identical to each other, the finish makes each one unique and they all exhibit unique characteristics that do not detract from accuracy or quality. They are not mass produced, homogeneously identical replicas and should not be expected to be such. 

In order to achieve the highest levels of accuracy, the finish of these replicas has been treated and weathered to simulate a patina consistent with light on-set usage. This finish is as inherently characteristic to the look of the replica as the design is. Therefore each sonic has applied simulated 'dirt', worn sections and slight unevenness in colour and crackle formation, small chips in the clearcoat to recreate the experience of owning the actual prop, straight off the set. These characteristics are not defects but meticulously recreated to instill a familiarity that has never been achieved before in a replica. Please click here to read a review from one of my customers in order to gain some insight into what I am trying to achieve with this replica

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