The Master's Ring


Here at last, one of the most talked about and coveted pieces of jewellery in recent memory. Inspired by the piece worn by our favourite Time Traveller's arch nemesis, this magnificent signet ring is individually handcrafted from Sterling Silver set with an intricate alien motif and inlaid with the highest quality enamel. Eyecatching and strikingly unusual, this ring is the ultimate conversation piece and you don't have to be a megalomaniac hell bent on universal domination to wear it!

This is a heavyweight ring, weighing on average 14 g, hallmarked and plated in rhodium for added lustre. It comes in an attractive dark wood presentation box with a silver seal design on the lid. Each ring will be custom hand made to order in limited quantities and will be stamped with its own serial number adding to its undoubted exclusivity.

Order yours today and guarantee yourself an exclusive and collectible piece of television memorabilia!


Large: US Size 13/UK Size Z+1/Japanese Size 28

Medium: US Size 10/UK Size T1/2/Japanese Size 21

Small: US Size 7/UK Size O/Japanese Size 14

(Up to 3 rings can be sent for the minimum shipping cost of £15 please email for special shipping discount code prior to checkout if you are ordering more than one ring)


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