Chameleon Arch Pocket Watch


This elegant and mysterious pocket watch is used to store the essence of a Timelord as an integral part of the strange and powerful device known as the 'Chameleon Arch', a device that can literally change a Timelord's DNA, shielding it from prying eyes.

Since it was first seen on our screens last summer, this watch has set Fandom buzzing and has been one of the most demanded and lusted-after props in recent memory. Now, the wait is over.

Whilst we cannot guarantee that this watch will awaken the hidden Timelord inside us we can satisfy the yearning for this iconic prop. Our interpretation of this famous watch is cast from a special custom formulated lead-free pewter-like alloy and every detail has been painstakingly created to produce a powerful and practical full hunter style pocket watch that captures the very essence of the original prop. The alloy used and the finishing technique has been conceived to give a convincing darkened antiqued patina that will continue to age and look better with the years.

The lid has been carefully etched using a proprietory technique with the iconic design seen on the orginal prop and the dial is custom silk screened with roman numerals and gilt subdials. Breguet hands and Hesalite acrylic crystal provide the finishing touch. The heart of this watch beats a high quality Japanese 'PC' Series quartz movement which combines exceptional timekeeping and years of maintenance free use (timed to -/+ 2 seconds a month).

Just how accurate is our watch to the screen used prop? Judge for yourself in the comparison pictures below. (Ours is the one on the left, the right hand pictures are the original prop). 

This watch will be custom made and will total no more than several hundred pieces throughout the entire production run. Each watch will be painstakingly handmade to order and will be engraved with its own unique serial number indicating its status as a limited edition piece and each will come with a chain and its own dark wood presentation box stamped with a silver seal on the lid.

We are the only place to buy an accurate, high quality, metal Chameleon Arch Fob Watch. We have sold over 100 of these watches and our feedback for both product and service are second to none. Just read some of our reviews.

Leave the toys for the kids. Our watch is for the true discerning collector and fan. Join the ranks of our dozens of satisfied customers.


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