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Season 3-5 Sonic Screwdriver Ultimate Edition


When I first arrived here I was surprised by the obviously high level of accuracy of the items sold by CT. I read all the reviews, watched the videos and decided to order a Season 3-5 Ultimate Edition Sonic Screwdriver.

The casing is really nice. And the inside... OK, it is not bigger than the outside but it is not a TARDIS so it doesn't matter.

This sonic screwdriver looks absolutely brilliant. First of all, the crackle paint is very beautiful. When I placed my order I was a bit afraid of the exact look of the weathering but I trusted CT's work. Now I can tell that it is perfect. Not too "used" look, just perfect. Second: the sonic has a kind of "real" weight. Like a real tool, definitely not like a toy. The details are amazing, from the time vortex-shaped blue light of the emitter to the black end cap. The glowing paint of the blue strip is a nice addition.

The sliding is smooth. The sound is really pleasing and the effect when extending the screwdriver is very good. The LED is surprisingly bright; the sonic can be used as a torch.

I admit that this is not a cheap buy. But what you get for this price is not a toy but the only available screen-accurate replica of David Tennant's sonic with everything you need in a sonic screwdriver. Well, almost everything. Unfortunately, it cannot open doors and resonate concrete. Apart from that, it is perfect.

Some practical tips:
1. The sliding might be uneasy first but it will become smooth after several runs.
2. If you want to load the blue strip quickly just sonic it with the Character Options sonic toy. Its UV light makes it glow.
3. Don't be surprised if the battery goes dead after several days of usage. Shipping might cause hard times to batteries. You will need three AG5/393 size button cells. Youtube user resurrectingreason uploaded a very useful video review; check it if you need help.

Finally, the score. Out of ten? Eleven.
Date Added: 09/15/2012 by Simon Z.
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