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Season 3-5 Sonic Screwdriver Ultimate Edition


There should be no further debate that CT delivers the ultimate in accurate reproduction, so I won't rehash superiority of materials and measurements compared to the pretenders' products. This IS the Sonic Screwdriver. I'll simply concur that you need to grab yours before they're gone. Pricey, sure, but worth every enjoyable penny. First, the weight is quite substantial, much heavier than previous reviews had led me to believe. It does not feel delicate in the least. The slide is smooth, and was indeed designed for protection of the crackle finish below. It is raised a precise distance away from the cylinder, sturdily, and along the slider's entire length. The activation button has a good, high profile, and clean action. Both rear headless bolts are easily removable (bottom one for battery access). The batteries are easily removed from the brass cylinder inside with a poke through a convenient access hole, and installed without great effort. The sound is discreetly quiet when retracted and joyously loud when extended, and the light is indeed strong enough for a flashlight. The case is safe, tight, and attractive enough to double as a display stand. Having seen the UE, I can say that, surely, the MK7 will also be superior in accuracy, user feel, and affordability to any other sonic. But get the UE now.
Date Added: 09/22/2012 by Andrew S.
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