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Limited Edition 10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver (11th Hour Model)


This review was edited to include an assessment after the first week of purchase/disassembly.

The Celestial Toystore Season 3-5 Sonic Screwdriver Ultimate 11th hour variant is my first piece purchased through the website, and i can guarantee beyond a shadow of a doubt, it will not be my last.

The Case that the Sonic itself comes in, gives the feel of owning the actual On set, wrangler contained, hero handled prop. Padded and shaped to the contour of the sonic, it provides a very secure safe way to transport or display in a minimalistic, while still aesthetically pleasing, fashion.

When held, the first thing I draw attention to is the texture of the body. The pseudo-coarse ceramic feel of the baked lacquer really help set it apart from any other "replica" I've held. Crackle paint is consistent throughout, with no awkward grouping of lines or pitted bubbles. The screws on the body are immediately recognizable from any screen I've seen from the 11th Hour.

The Slider was a little rougher than i first anticipated,but it doesn't affect the quality of an extension. The Doppler effect is truly noticeable, providing for a VERY loud and pleasing sonic sound, especially when held certain ways, the acoustics of a cupped hand will amplify.

The Luminova Strip is an outstanding touch, it glows VERY bright, and is a pleasing signature touch. I used my CO Sonic to charge it up before I permanently retired it, and it was Bright enough to be noticeable in the dark, even with the Sonic Emitter illuminating the area.

The Metal work is immaculate,From the windows on the head to the the teeth lining up perfectly and There's just enough wear from machining to make it look gently used.

After first strip down,I was able to make adjustments for the slider,The button was having slight trouble activating from certain angles, but I believe it was due to the clear wire channel rocking out of the casing during ship/usage and was easily fixed by pushing it snugly back into place. A crafty gentleman suggested putting a small magnet in the bottom to help keep the sonic closed when not being used which turned out to be a very useful modification. I've pushed it to what i would think it's mechanical limits would be and it's resiliency is right on point with it's picture perfect look and feel. Batteries still going strong, smooth slide action and still looks incredible.

This masterpiece is truly done no justice by any shot on the website.. To truly understand the craftsmanship put into one of these pieces, one would be required to hold it and put it through its paces.

"The Eleventh Hour" was my Wife and I's first episode of Doctor Who. This will serve as a memory of that fixed point in time, cemented perfectly in all it's Gallifreyan glory.

This price for the sturdiness and unequivocal accuracy is unbeatable.

5/5 Stars.
Date Added: 09/16/2012 by Aceof Spades
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