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11th/12th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver


BELIEVE THE HYPE!! I'm guessing your a Doctor Who fan if your reading this.. And whether this will be your first prop replica purchase or your 50th, It will be likely that you will never own another replica quiet like this one. It is a grail piece and will be a prized part of your collection. Its that good.
From the moment you pick it up and feel its weight to the moment of your first flick, you will honestly feel like your holding the actual TV show sonic in your hands. If you've handled other 11th sonics you will immediatley be able to feel the difference and you will most definately hear the difference. If your into Cosplay... the moment you flick it... you'll belive your the Doctor.
This has an incredible feel to it- Heavy but balanced, strong but elegant, it doesn't rattle or feel like it might break if your not careful. It feels like it was just made in the TARDIS console ready for your first adventure. And it feels like it has been made by a loving and caring prop master just for you.
There ARE other sonics out there. But once you pick this up you will realise this is the ONLY 11th Doctor sonic. I have been lucky enough to handle different makers version of the 11th sonic and honestly none of them compare. I waited literal years for this.. if your reading this now and its available don't wait. Take the plunge. The cost will be worth it the moment you flip open the case and pick it up.
You won't find a more faithful, better built, or more authentic Sonic.
It comes safely packed, beautifully presented in its own sonic prop case and like all products on this site its craftsmanship and quality is second to none. Its an Artisan product from and Artisan maker.
11th doctor sonics might all look the same (at first glance) but not all 11th Doctor sonics are created equal.
I give this product my highest recommendation. It is worth every penny. You will not regret it, in fact id bet you'll find yourself writing a similar review the day your sonic arrives.
CT makes outstanding products. Be part of something special.
Date Added: 12/24/2015 by Robert Stieller
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