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11th/12th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver


Having been very happy with CT's other offerings in the past, I knew that the long wait for this screwdriver would be well worth it, and though I am amazed by how screen-accurate it is, I am even more blown away by the craftsmanship and engineering behind this thing.

The screwdriver's individual sections were masterfully crafted and assembled in a way such that every aspect of it comes together perfectly; the aluminum cage fits with the copper sections with none of the massive gaps found in the Rubbertoe version, and the claws are so precisely cut that they sit flush against the emitter and its base when the screwdriver is in its closed position.

In the way of screen accuracy, every minute detail is accounted for, and this goes well beyond the red button on the bottom of the screwdriver; the milky lens cap and inner sections are their appropriate shades of green, and the cap can be swapped with an included red cap that was featured in one episode. You can also see the flecks of dirt in the cream-colored section of the handle, which has appropriately yellowed in the same manner as on the original props. You can see that there is an incredibly high degree of precision in this thing, and this goes right down to the size of the copper rivets themselves.

The screwdriver also has some considerable weight to it, which gives it the feel of an actual tool, and a very sturdy one at that; the aluminum cage and claws fit tightly with the copper sections, with no rattling or looseness, and yet it still flicks open very smoothly with little to no resistance. Even when given a light shake in its closed position, the upper section stays in place.

As far as electronics go, the LED is bright and appropriately slightly muddied by the milky lens cap, and the sound is accurate and audible. While it's not nearly as loud as CT's 10th Doctor sonic, the sound still comes through clear and clean. The screw-threaded battery compartment in the bottom is also a convenient feature, as it makes changing batteries a breeze. The fact that the lens caps were given this same treatment makes that swap smooth and easy as well.

Beyond its screen accuracy as a prop replica, this screwdriver is an incredible feat of meticulous engineering and precision craftsmanship, outshining even the work of its original creator, and the end result is nothing short of breathtaking.
Date Added: 12/30/2015 by Jonathan Wong
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