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11th/12th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver


I haven't put this amazing screwdriver down. I've waited a long time for for the 11th Doctor screwdriver and it hasn't disappointed, in any way. I wanted a full metal, fully workings screwdriver as soon as I bought the cheap plastic toys. I searched all over the internet for a high quality version of these and one name kept popping up and it was The Celestial Toystore. My first purchase was the 10th Doctor's ultimate edition screwdriver. It arrived in no time and it was love at first sight. I loved holding a perfect replica and pressing the button and hearing the amazing sound card. Compared to the toy version there was no comparison. I stalked CT's Twitter account waiting for an 11th version and waited and waited until he opened preorders. My coworkers were driven crazy by me constantly explaining what was eventually going to be in my hands. A couple of days ago those dreams came true and I received my 11th Doctor screwdriver. In cased in beautiful case was a beautiful replica. The flicking action, weight, and incredible craftsmanship didn't disappoint. To the point of me watching the entire 5th Season of Doctor Who all over again to see what I was holding in my hands was the same one that was on screen. I'm annoying my co workers all over again constantly flicking and pointing it their face. Thanks CT for making an incredible replica and annoying the fuck out of employees and coworkers! Cheers! Buy one! You won't regret it!
Date Added: 01/07/2016 by Nathan Ferruso
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