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Chameleon Arch Pocket Watch - Ultimate Edition


From the moment I opened the box it was obvious just how much attention to detail went into this piece. I am an owner of CT's previous version of the Chameleon Arch watch as well and I honestly didn't think anyone would do better until I saw this one. I adore both watches to be honest, I prefer to think of one as Tennant's and one as the Master's. But enough about that, you want to hear about the watch. The finish is a perfectly aged steel look with a fantastic shine, which feels great in hand, as does the weight of the piece. It feels like a very solidly constructed and sturdy time piece. In fact if CT's original watch was a fancy sedan, this new version is - in many ways - the sports car of tanks and is by no means a toy. The watch movement itself is smooth and very accurate. The fact that it requires no batteries is a huge plus and very distinctive feature. The layered watch face is both accurate and beautifully detailed. With the added bonus of a glow in the dark face - which is not screen accurate but fun - the watch is a signature piece in my collection and quite a conversation piece as well. The accompanying chain is aged to match the body of the watch and honestly demands that this be warn with your finest outfits. One can almost believe that opening this watch would truly turn you back into a Time Lord. Well, not really. I mean that would be crazy, wouldn't it? But not buying this watch would be equally as crazy. Don't miss out!
Date Added: 09/26/2013 by Brian Terranova
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