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Sherlock Coat
[Sherlock Coat]


The stitching appears first-rate, the material is oddly stretchable and forms to the body well. It is heavier than I expected as a number of people who have worn the original Belstaff Milfords have described it as "light" but the heft is not overbearing nor is it cumbersome in any way. It is warm but breathable and the collar is not excessively stiff and can be molded or trained to remain up in a few different ways. As far as accuracy to the screen-used version I can say that this coat is unparalleled relative to the other replicas I’ve see online through countless hours of research (as well as watching the shows). The detailing is amazing – which contributes to a feeling I can only describe as “sherlockishness” whenever the coat is worn. The coat is in fact so accurate that is even sports the needless buttons on the inside of the collar. (on the original coat these were used to fasten a fur cover over the lapels) My one and only criticism so far is the attachment of the buttons, which are anchored straight into the tweed and, tweed being a loose weave as it is, this can cause damage to the fabric as the buttons are pulled-on and used. The bottom line is that button reinforcers would be the best choice to increase the longevity of the material but they would subtract, ever so slightly, from the screen accuracy. At the end of the coat is beautiful; I had my qualms about the price but I worked extra shifts and managed to find the money as I am sure you will too if only because you know you want it and, hopefully, now you know you will have spent it well.
Date Added: 12/02/2013 by Matthew Garrison
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