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Sherlock Coat
[Sherlock Coat]


Amazing, amazing, amazing. I wanted one of these coats since I first saw Sherlock and searched high and low for one. I eventually found one in Manchester but it was slightly too small but I bought it and eventually sold it to a friend. This 'replica' is every bit as good. Identical. If any of you are on the fence about it, don't hesitate. I've compared it to the original Belstaff and the claims are true. This is indistinguishable in every since way. You could put a Belstaff label in it and no one, not even Belstaff, could tell the difference. And the coolest thing? It's half the price.

The weight is good: not too heavy, not light like a costume replica. Sizing is generous and build quality is exactly as on a high end designer garment with some nice hand finished details. The fabric is first rate with a bit of stretchiness and the details....oh the details! The buttons are recreated exactly and the whole thing moves and behaves in the precisely the same way as you see on screen.

It took a while to get here: about as year since I first heard about it but CT was very good about keeping me informed and when it got here, there was no customs charges and the package was well packed with a nice hanger and a protector bag that looked like it had been lifted straight off the Sherlock set. You want THE coat? The search is over. This is worth every single hard earned penny. A good deal at twice the price. CT, screw the detractors and the naysayers, you truly are the man.
Date Added: 12/05/2013 by Jonathan Gold
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