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Chameleon Arch Pocket Watch


First things first, the images do not give the product justice. The product is 10 x better then the images.

CT is nothing short of an artist and this reflects in his work. The etching is perfect and has depth. The watch has weight and therefore has character, if the watch were light it would feel cheap, but the weight is spot on.

Now, inside the watch after you flip the lid is a whole new joy to behold. Again and I must stress this, the pictures do not give it justice. The inside of the lid has been crafted to perfection whereas it could've just been left as a circular slab of metal. The artwork on the clock face is stunning, genuinely stunning. Gallifreyan lines and text encompass the clock face. Even the clock hands have character and they fit in beautifully with the rest of the artwork.

Turning the watch over on it's back and you're presented with even more brilliant artwork! I praise CT for this because on all other replicas of the watch I've seen, not one of them has recreated the dimples on the rear and to me, that's what makes the watch unique.

All in all, this watch is simply exquisite. Every single part of it has character, it feels genuine it looks genuine. If someone were to hand this to me and say it's the actual prop they had used in the show, I would believe them!

Buy it, just buy it!
Date Added: 02/23/2012 by Stephen Baker
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