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Sonic Screwdriver (Season 3-4) Standard Powdercoat Crackle Paint


Words can not express how happy I am right now! The Sonic Screwdriver I'm holding in my hands is everything I hoped it would be and more! I love how sleek and detailed it is. The sound quality is great, and it's not nearly as soft as I had feared. It is quite audible and the light is very bright too! If you are a Doctor Who fan then this is a MUST own! I can't believe something this amazing is in my own living room right now! This is the first part of my ultimate Tenth Doctor costume, and I thank you for making it as amazing as it is! I will definately buy from you again! Next time it'll be the Chamelen Arch! Thank you thank you thank you so much!!!
Date Added: 12/07/2010 by Casey Trojanowski
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