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shipping time
how long would it take to ship to south africa
I recently purchased season 3-5 sonic screw driver and I didn't know the type of the battery and how to put it inside.
11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Re Release
Hi there. Will there be a restock, or re release, of the 11th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver? I would love to own one :)
Hello there, I would like to ask you guys if you can lower the price for the 11th Doctor Who Screwdriver to about $35. I am only asking this because ... more info
combine shipping?
5 I have a preorder of the UE tennant and I was wondering, if I order annother sonic, would they ship together? If so, is shipping cost any cheaper? ... more info
Odd question about Serial Numbering
Hello. I think my previous attempt to ask this question must have gotten lost in cyberspace. It's definitely a weird question, but here goes. I was ... more info
Good afternoon, I've only just discovered your website and the fantastic work you have done, so forgive me if this is a stupid question. I've ... more info
11th Doctor
Are there any plans for an 11th doctor screwdriver replica? Is there enough demand to start work on River's screwdriver from "Silence in the ... more info
11th Doctor's screwdriver?
Hi, just wondering if you'll be producing an accurate, high-end replica of the 11th Doctor's screwdriver as well? Thanks! Jolene
Different Versions of Screwdrivers
Will you be making other versions of the sonic screwdriver; such as, the one that River Song uses in The Library, or even the newest one that Matt ... more info
just looking for a bit of assistance in getting it up and runnin
Hey CT, first off I wanted to say thanks for the quick service and shipping, the item came without a problem. Its even greater than I imagined from ... more info
Can it be done?
This may sound like an odd question but I was just wondering if it is at all possible to disconnect the sound chip but still have the light working? ... more info
Battery Replacement
I recently purchased the Season 3-4 Sonic Screwdriver and I was wondering how to replace the batteries. I didn't notice any screws or access panel.
im in south africa and i want to pay from pay pal will it convert rands to dollars automatically also which is better season 1-2 or season 3-4 ... more info
do you ship to south africa
Watch Features
I've seen the scifi collector replica watch. It has a glow effect - not a novelty effect, but so that the watch may be read at night. Does your ... more info
I was wondering what type of batteries I need to get to work my sonic screwdriver. I was also wondering if it came with any, and I just missed them. ... more info
Blue Strip
I noticed from a few TV stills that the actual prop does have a blue strip that runs parallel to the slider slot, but none of your photos show this. ... more info
I live in Australia and am wanting to buy the newer Sonic screwdriver but am unclear on the payment options. Is it possible to do B pay or as you ... more info
Size Matters
From your side by side comparison photos, it's clear that you have taken great care in recreating this watch. What are the dimensions of this highly ... more info
Slider Slot Width
Why does your sonic screwdriver have a narrower slider slot than the props I have seen?
Central Column
Your Sonic Screwdriver teaser shot shows the clear central column looking like a tube. I thought the clear central column was solid with a channel ... more info
Season 1-2 and Season 3-4 differences
What are the differences between the Season 1-2 sonic screwdriver and the Season 3-4 version?
Why use stainless steel?
Why use stainless steel when the original Season 3-4  props used brass and aluminium?
Battery Installation
I have just received my watch but it is not working. How do I get it to work?
Unofficial Vs Official
Why should I purchase your replica over the official version which is more expensive?
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