Chameleon Arch Pocket Watch - Ultimate Edition


Five years after we first changed the game and released our original replica of the Chameleon Arch Pocket Watch, we are delighted to change the game again and bring you a definitive new replica of this iconic prop that pushes the boundaries of both accuracy and quality. Incorporating revised details and measurements taken directly from a filming prop, our new 'Ultimate Edition' is the new standard by which replicas of this prop are measured by.

There were originally three filming props with each one having distinct differences. Our replica is a combination of all three props and features unique characteristics from all three props whilst being most influenced by the prop used by Sir Derek Jacobi's Master in Utopia.

This is a fully mechanical watch with an automatic 17 jewel movement at its heart. Housed in a custom cast pewter casing plated in sterling silver that has been antiqued to a gloriously authentic aged patina using a specially developed process to mimic the screen used prop.

Gallifreyan text has been painstakingly laser engraved and then chemically etched into the outside of the lid to give a subtle yet strikingly tasteful effect that will create conversation wherever you go. The inside of the lid has been machined with a subtle perlage swirl pattern.

The face has been completely revised and now features the recessed subdials of the original prop and is protected behind hardened mineral crystal.

As an added bonus, the face has been coated lightly with luminous paint to glow subtly and mysteriously in the dark, hinting of the Gallifreyan technology hidden within. 

Each watch is individually number inside the rear plate and includes a specially made curb chain plated in the same antiqued finish as the watch.

Because the movement is a mechanical movement, this watch will need to be serviced and regulated each year. This can be done by any watchmaker competent with mechanical watches.

Only 500 will be produced and the first 100 will only be released on a pre-order basis.

Please note that a telephone number is required for all orders. If one is not supplied, your order may be delayed until one is provided.

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