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We are proud to announce that due to popular demand we have brought back the iconic Sherlock Milford coat for a limited run!

A true world first, this is the long awaited recreation of one of the most iconic pieces of outerwear seen on the small screen. Instantly recognisable and coveted, this coat is the visual signature of the world's most famous consulting detective. 

Replicated in minute detail from half a dozen original coats and unprecedented access to the screen used originals, this coat sets new standards in screen accuracy and what has hitherto been thought possible in a 'replica'. Quite simply, this puts you in a garment that is identical to those used on the show. 

Painstaking attention to detail has been exercised at every level and the results are nothing short of spectacular with the finished coat weighing in at within 5g of the original screen used coat*.

  • The same 100% wool tweed used on the original coats has been sourced from the same supplier and bought at great expense for our coat
  • The acetate lining has been recreated in the same weight and materials and jacquard woven with our logo to mirror the original
  • The same interfacing has been used and bonded to the fabric in the same way as the original
  • The buttons have been laser scanned and CNC milled in the same ox horn as the original buttons and accented in the same paint
  • The red buttonhole braiding has been colour matched and hand embroidered exactly the same as the original coat
  • The same stitch count as the original coats has been used to construct our replica
The only difference to the original screen used coat is a stiffened collar to aid in wearing the collar up. The original coat featured two strips of flat corset wire inside the back of the collar. Our coat was specified by the costume team to include a factory stiffened collar to eliminate the corset wire.

The original fabric has been sourced from the original mill who have been persuaded to produce a special limited edition run exclusively for us.

The coat comes with a high quality hanger and special Sherlock garment cover to protect your investment.

Please check sizing as all sales are final and returns are not accepted. 

Please note that a telephone number is required for all orders. If one is not supplied, your order may be delayed until one is provided.

*Medium size

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